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iPhone 5s Teardown

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Electronics Chipworks iPhone product development teardown

Ottawa’s Chipworks performs a detailed dissection of Apple’s latest iPhone.

Technicians at Ottawa-based IP services firm, Chipworks, were some of the first in line to purchase the recently released iPhone 5s and promptly set about taking the popular smartphone apart to identify and analyze its various electronic components.

Among the chips dissected are the iPhone’s new Samsung-fabricated, 64-bit A7 system-on-chip ARM processor as well as the newly added M7 motion co-processor, which saves on battery life by off-loading the collection and processing of data input from the smartphone’s accelerometer, gyroscope and compass data.

In addition, Chipworks’ comprehensive report also details the manufacturers and specific components that make the iPhone 5s’ camera, power management IC, Wi-Fi SoC, 4g LTE chips, and various other sub-systems.

Check out the complete, detailed report on Chipworks’ Teardown Blog.



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