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TORONTO – The Federal Ministry of State (Science and Technology) has announced an investment in Clear Blue Technologies Inc. through the National Research Council of Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP).

Clear Blue Technologies will receive up to $92,000 in funding through NRC-IRAP to advance the development of its Smart Off-Grid technology that powers off-grid devices such as street lights, security cameras and mobile power systems.{nomultithumb}

“The support and funding from NRC-IRAP have been crucial to the development and enhancement of our technology, which has provided the basis for a growing, thriving business. We now have installations across Canada and the U.S., and we are expanding our business to Europe, the Middle East and Asia,” said Miriam Tuerk, Co-founder & CEO, Clear Blue Technologies Inc.

“This has allowed us to create new jobs within the company while helping the environment by deploying green energy solutions.”

Clear Blue Technologies is a Toronto-based company whose founders have more than 20 years of experience in the cleantech, engineering and high-technology fields. Its Smart Off-Grid solar and wind controller is designed to be easily integrated into a variety of off-grid products, and its Illumience cloud software enables the systems to be monitored, maintained and serviced over the Internet.


IBEW3polesClear Blue Technologies has integrated Smart Off-Grid technology into Illumient solar and wind powered street lights that have been installed in the parking lots of the Aquavista at Bayside Presentation Centre in downtown Toronto. Many other Smart Off-Grid lights have been installed in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Canada, as well as in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Through its national network of industrial technology advisors, NRC-IRAP provides support to SMEs in Canada in the development and commercialization of technologies.

NRC-IRAP works with industry to bridge technology gaps, helping build a more innovative Canadian economy that reflects today’s global realities.

In 2013–14 NRC-IRAP supported over 10,000 SMEs, with some 7,000 firms benefiting from expert advisory services and more than 3,000 firms receiving some form of financial assistance.


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