The ICS (ISO Clean Stainless) cylinder from Bosch Rexroth offers corrosion protection in a hygienic design said to guarantee smooth surfaces. The ICS cylinder has a piston diameter of 32 to 100 mm and a maximum stroke length of 1500 mm. The cylinder is available in two basic versions: The ICS-D2 is made of stainless steel and offers standard corrosion protection. The ICS-D1, made of acid-proof steel, is recommended for food applications where food comes or may come into direct contact with the components.

0 July 30, 2007

For lubrication, the food-safe lubricant NSF H1 is standard. The ICS cylinder is available with a variety of mounting options, as optional double-acting cylinder or with extended or through piston rod. The range of products also features the CL03 Clean Line valve, which provides class IP69K protection, flexibility and modularity.

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