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Javelin Technologies announces partnership with Solido rapid prototypers


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Canada's Javelin Technologies is excited to announce a partnership with Solido Ltd to market, sell and support the SD300 Pro 3D Desktop Printer, a network compatible peripheral that can be operated and maintained without the need for dedicated personnel across Canada.

“As Solido’s first VAR in Canada, Javelin Technologies is proud to offer our current and prospective clients what they’ve been asking for – a low-cost, user-friendly, environmentally responsible 3D Printing (rapid prototyping) solution.”  Remarked John Carlan, Javelin’s Managing Director.  “Solido has delivered a product that is compact enough to fit on a designer’s desk, and affordable enough that we can envision the day where every 3D Designer will have one.  Easy access to 3D models early in the development cycle is going to change the way products are designed, and allow our customers to get better products to the market that much faster.”


The SD300 Pro enables users to create 3D models directly from 3D CAD data, right from their workstation. The printer uses layers of Plastic Sheet Lamination to produce rugged yet flexible models made of SolidVC, a rigid, recyclable PVC based plastic, at a low cost, and without hazardous bi-products.  The accuracy, strength and durability of the parts make them perfectly suitable for a wide range of applications at all stages of the design cycle.


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