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Jesse Garant offers High Energy CT Inspection Service


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The new capabilities will directly support the aerospace industry allowing for a feasible internal inspection in 3D and 100% validation of production parts.

Jesse Garant Metrology Center is launching a high energy industrial CT scanning service.

The new capability will enable non-destructive testing and support innovation within advanced manufacturing.

high energy industrial CT scanning serviceThe system is the first of its kind that pairs a 3 MeV cone-beam x-ray source with a large format 2k x 2k flat panel digital detector. It will be able to accommodate rapid inspection of mid-size parts, up to 44.5 inches in diameter by 63 inches in height.

Jesse Garant will be able to directly support the aerospace industry with this new capability as enables internal inspection in 3D and 100 per cent validation of production parts. It will also provide useful analyses for aerospace, including porosity identification, composite inspection, wall thickness variations, reverse engineering of relic parts, and metrology data for fulfilling AS9102 first article inspection reporting requirements.


Further, the technology will be important for inspection of flight critical parts, especially as aerospace shifts towards greater usage of additive manufacturing.

Advantages for non-destructive testing including a drastic reduction in inspection time for scanning mid-size parts and assemblies — the new system is able to scan parts in less than an hour.

The service will also be beneficial for inspection of multi-material parts and assemblies, allowing for cleaner separation of internal components, and inspection of higher density materials not possible with lower energy micro CT systems.

The company recently announced a $15 million North American expansion investment. This new technology required a $4.5 million investment, as well as three years of planning, design, development, and construction to reach full operation.

Jesse Garant Metrology Center is currently taking on orders from companies who wish to access this innovative technology during the system’s ramp up period.


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