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Discover a perfect solution for your lead screw assembly needs with the dryspin® product line from igus®. Whether it's trapezoidal, ACME, or metric, igus offers a variety of options, including a proprietary high helix design that enhances efficiency and longevity. The self-lubricating polymer construction of dryspin lead screw nuts eliminates the need for external lubricants, reducing costs by up to 50% compared to metal alternatives. These polymers also provide noise-damping properties for smooth and quiet operation. With online configuration tools, crafting a custom lead screw assembly takes as little as 20 minutes. Benefit from service life predictions, and seamlessly purchase your final configurations. Even custom lead screw nuts can be 3D printed using high-performance SLS powder, ensuring quality and adaptability. For bulk orders, prototypes, or challenging applications, trust igus® to deliver the solution you require.

Maintenance-free lead screw assemblies, configured in as little as 20 minutes

No matter the type of lead screw assembly you need — whether it’s trapezoidal, ACME, or metric — igus® has a solution for you from the dryspin® product line. Along with standard formats, a proprietary high helix design is available that increases service life and efficiency.

All dryspin lead screw nuts are made from self-lubricating polymers, eliminating the need for grease & other external lubricants and making dryspin lead screw assemblies maintenance-free. These polymers also reduce costs by as much as 50% over comparable alternatives like metal, and have vibration and noise-damping qualities for quiet & smooth operation.

Online configuration tools are also available to easily configure your own custom lead screw assembly in as little as 20 minutes. Service life predictions are offered once application requirements and products have been selected, and finalized configurations can be sent directly to your shopping cart for easy purchase.

Custom lead screw nuts can even be 3D printed from igus’ own SLS powder that offers the same characteristics as standard injection molded parts. So whether you’re ordering in bulk, prototyping a new design or simply need a custom solution for a difficult application, igus has the answer.

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An extensive range of affordable lead screws & nuts for maintenance-free performance

The dryspin product range from igus has solutions for all your lead screw needs. Standard trapezoidal, ACME & metric formats are all available from stock. Alongside conventional formats, there’s also a proprietary high helix design that enhances both the operational longevity and efficiency. The lead screw nuts within the dryspin line are all manufactured using self-lubricating polymers. This characteristic eliminates the necessity for external lubricants and lead screw coatings, resulting in maintenance-free lead screw assemblies. These polymer components also yield cost savings of up to 50% when compared to alternatives such as metal, along with further cost savings stemming from a lack of required maintenance.

For simplified customization, online configuration tools are available, enabling users to design personalized lead screw assemblies within 20 minutes. Predictions regarding service life based on extensive test data are offered once the specific application prerequisites and products are chosen. The final configurations can be transferred directly to the shopping cart for convenient purchasing.

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Dry-running & maintenance-free lead screws & nuts for optimized performance

Lead screws are often a go-to in the packaging industry for converting rotary motion into linear motion, especially when dealing with changeovers. However, there are misconceptions about how plastics compare to metal in these applications.

Tribologically optimized plastic lead screw nuts from igus offer a lower coefficient of friction versus metal ball screws or lead screw nuts due to solid lubricants embedded in the plastic material. These lubricants make sure the entire surface of the nut is adequately lubricated, avoiding lubrication-related failures and increasing the total service life of the system.

Since tribologically optimized plastics are self-lubricating, they’re also maintenance-free. Eliminating maintenance wherever possible can keep machines running longer and significantly reduce lifetime costs of the machine.

Ultimately, lead screw assemblies from igus can increase the functionality of your machines, improve service life and make service life easier to predict, and optimize performance.

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Make your changeovers more efficient with highly optimized lead screw assemblies

Trapezoidal lead screws have long been a staple for changeovers in the packaging industry. Their high payload and self-locking capabilities excel in these applications, but they tend to struggle with high speed applications. igus has solved this problem by blending trapezoidal screws and the proprietary geometry of dryspin lead screws to create a self-locking trapezoidal screw that can handle high speed applications with little noise or vibration.

The rounded-off geometry of dryspin screws is what allows them to achieve high speeds. This rounded geometry has been applied to trapezoidal threads to combine the best of both worlds and improve changeover applications.

FDA-compliant lead screw nut materials are available to pair with these new trapezoidal screws, allowing them to be used in food packaging applications with no worry of contamination. For applications requiring visual detectability, the iglide A160 material is available with the blue color frequently demanded by the industry.

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