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Smalley's Wave Springs are a revolutionary alternative to traditional coil springs. They offer the same spring force in half the working height! This makes it possible to work in tight spaces or reduce the overall size of an application's design. The key difference comes in its flat wire edge-wound design, allowing multiple waves per 'turn' for multiple contact points and increased spring force.

As the inventor of the Wave Spring, Smalley offers over 4000 stock Wave Springs from 5 mm to 400 mm. Find out why engineers in industry-leading companies use Smalley Wave Springs as an integral part of their designs.

An informative guide on how to use Wave Springs in your application design

We know how important it is to specify the right spring for your design. With so many Wave Spring options available, we have put together a guide to help you learn about their unique benefits. This guide will help you find the best space-saving solution for your Wave Spring needs.

In this guide you can read about:

• Reducing spring heights
• Reduced Costs
• Extensive Product Line
• Design Requirements

See a visual representation of how Smalley Wave Springs work

This helpful video helps explain how Wave Springs work and how they can help you save space in your application design. The video also includes a few different examples of Wave Springs and covers Smalley's custom parts capabilities.

We answer some of the most asked questions regarding Wave Springs

You may be new to Wave Springs and have many questions before giving them a try. Smalley understands this and is here to provide answers! Smalley engineers have created a new Ask the Expert - Wave Spring FAQ E-book that answers the most frequently asked questions about Wave Spring in one, simple guide.

In this E-book, you will learn about Wave Spring:

• Performance
• Measurements & Equations
• Design Process
• Materials
• Applications

Browse and learn about Smalley’s product including springs and rings

Smalley is the industry leader in Wave Springs and Retaining Rings. In addition to covering all of Smalley’s product lines, this catalog also details Smalley’s dedication to quality manufacturing and personalized support.

Request samples of Smalley’s Wave Springs

Seeing is believing. Check out our Wave Springs for yourself by requesting samples! If you’re unsure of what you need, our engineering experts can provide a suggestion.

Get connected with a Smalley Engineer for next steps

Smalley understands the process that goes into designing a product or application. Naturally, you may have questions when researching new parts for your design, such as our Wave Springs. At Smalley, our expert engineers are ready to answer any questions you may have and support you by offering the best solution to meet your design’s needs.

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