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Sugatsune Canada Inc - Industrial Hardware Component Supplier

Sugatsune (Sue-got-sue-neh) was founded to create hardware solutions of unparalleled quality with the core value of being original. Since 1930, Sugatsune has been inspiring architects, designers, and industrial engineers by providing uniquely designed and precision-engineered hardware products that create convenience and satisfaction for people.

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Multi-Roller Linear Guide

Many industries use high-precision linear guides for a full range of applications. However, in applications where high-precision is unnecessary, there are often hidden costs associated with component prices and labour. Start optimising your linear guides to reduce costs and maximize value.

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Get the X Factor Now!

Sugatsune MLGX Multi-Roller Linear Guide, its unique “Dual-X design” features 45°angled roller bearings that create consistent contact with the rail, ensuring smooth and stable motion even when operating under a moment load. It can also be mounted in various orientations while maintaining its level of performance.

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MLGX Multi-Roller Linear Guide

Introducing the MLGX Multi-Roller Linear Guide, engineered to deliver unparalleled stability and versatility. Its unique "Dual X structure" features two plates and eight rollers arranged in an X-shape, ensuring even preload distribution to prevent rattling and guarantee smooth movement, irrespective of mounting orientation. This innovative design ensures precision and reliability in every application. Additionally, the guide supports multi-directional movement, facilitating both vertical and horizontal motion while maintaining stable performance even under moment. Whether used in automated machines or cutting machines, the MLGX Linear Guide promises exceptional performance, making it the ideal choice for various industrial applications.

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