ENGEL North America has announced a liquid silicone micro molding system said to offer the precision of an electric injection molding unit combined with a 12 mm LSR screw and check disc assembly and the flexibility of a tiebarless clamp design. The mold is a flashless four-cavity open nozzle medical LSR umbrella valve with a total shot size of less than ½ gram.

0 January 31, 2008

This micro shot size is accomplished by using a 12 mm screw and check disc assembly specially-designed for LSR, guaranteeing the repeatability required in micro molding applications. A Kuka six-axis robot is integrated within the machine footprint for automatic part removal and to perform quality inspection on the parts. The machine also has the capability of molding a shot size up to 55 cc with a simple barrel and screw changeover. The Fluid Automation LSR dosing system is specifically designed for small shot sizes, and is mounted directly to the machine feed throat.

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