Long range diffuse photoelectric sensor with background suppression

Carlo Gavazzi has introduced a long range diffuse photoelectric sensor with background suppression technology. The model PD112 will detect black objects at distances up to 2 m, and white and grey objects at up to 2.5 m. Using triangulation technology, the unit is said to be easily and precisely adjusted, with a 28 turn potentiometer. The user can fine tune the sensor to detect the target at the desired distance, while ignoring reflective objects millimetres beyond.

0 June 24, 2009

Each model has both NPN and PNP output, which is automatically detected by the sensor when wired. Normally open or normally closed output can be selected via a DIP switch. Two adjustable timers (1 to 16 s) for ON and OFF delay are provided.

The sensor can be operated in a traditional industrial mode, which is suitable for applications such as material handling, packaging and wrapping, and wood processing. By making a DIP switch selection, the unit can also be operated in a door mode, which automatically optimizes the performance of the sensor for detecting people and objects around automatic doors. This mode allows the sensor to be remotely tested by a door controller, making the sensor compliant with door industry safety standards.

The PD112 is available with a cable or M12 plug.

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