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MapleSim 6 released

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Latest release features tighter Modelica integration, tools to speed up testing and experimentation process.

Maplesoft announced a new release of MapleSim, with tighter Modelica integration, as well as more simulation, analysis, and connectivity capabilities. MapleSim is based on the open standard Modelica modeling language for describing physical models and components. In MapleSim 6, support for Modelica is enhanced to make it easier for engineers to take control of their modeling and analysis.

For example, MapleSim 6 includes a view that shows the corresponding Modelica code for any subsystem or component. By looking at the code, engineers can tell what their model is doing, and more easily correct or improve its behavior. Other Modelica features include the ability to open and and save to the Modelica file format. In addition, MapleSim’s Connector for FMI exports MapleSim models in a standard format understood by other FMI-compliant tools.

Maplesoft also released add-on products. In addition to the MapleSim Connector for FMI, the MapleSim Connector for B&R Automation Studio enables the transfer of physical models into the integrated development environment of B&R Automation Studio. The MapleSim Connector for VI-CarRealTime allows engineers to incorporate high-fidelity, multidomain MapleSim models into the real-time vehicle simulation environment of VI-CarRealTime.

MapleSim 6 also offers several new features that reduce development time. The new release supports the ability to call external controller code directly from within MapleSim, instead of exporting the MapleSim model to another tool. MapleSim 6 also includes a new “snapshots” feature that lets users start experiments from any time-step and initial condition without having to rerun the model every time. The release also provides the ability to run batch simulations and optimizations in parallel, taking advantage of multiple CPUs to complete the computations faster.



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