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Maximum ROI: Repurposing the content you create for multiple social media channels


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You’ve repeatedly heard from me about the importance of content to drive eyes to your business’ website; to help you get found in online searches; to keep the interest of potential buyers who are having their attention pulled in countless different directions by competitors.

If this crucially important message has you working to diligently create new content, you know now that it takes time and thought. So how do you get more mileage out of the content you’ve created?

Good, or even brilliant, content, doesn’t have to be restricted to a single-serving. Rather, you should maximize that nugget of creativity and plan to distribute it through multiple (social media) channels.

Here are some quick tips to utilize your content many ways to help keep you top of mind with your audiences at various touch points.
Plan to be Flexible and Be Everywhere
With numerous platforms available in the digital world, try to ensure your content is malleable depending on the channels you’re using. Plan on having the piece of content optimized for Facebook (catchy description combined with attractive visual), Twitter (short, to-the-point posts that elicit curiosity and provide links to more information with applicable #hashtags), Instagram (visually-evocative and paired with relevant #hashtags) and others, even your (company) blog.

You can create a chart with all your social media platforms and strategize how the content will be presented. You can even stagger the timing of the distribution so that piece of content appears over a week, a month or a timing of your choosing. Remember, in order to really take advantage of every avenue, you have to make your presence known through regular updates.
Make it Visual
Never underestimate the power of a picture. High quality visuals are essential, therefore, pixelated or blurry photos should be sent to the trash bin.


Don’t have a high quality picture at your disposal? Try stock photo sites that give you access to thousands of high quality photos of all genres. You could check out sites like iStockPhoto, ShutterStock or, if you are looking to lower cost, try FreeDigitalPhotos or MorgueFile for free options.

You can increase the impact of your picture by adding a key message, business slogan or a quote. Image generator sites like Quozio are just a click away, or you can use programs like Photoshop or GIMP to advance your editing.
Infographics Work
If you have an interesting stat, figure or message, combining that with a complementary illustration or presenting it in a visual manner through an infographic works wonders. Check out Piktochart to get you started. In one image, you can tell a story that might require paragraphs or numerous images. By consolidating several pieces of information onto a single pane, you’ve created a single sharable piece of content that can be distributed across a number of platforms.

Break It Down
Don’t be afraid to pull out nuggets from larger pieces, whether it’s an article, blog post or even video. You can tease the larger piece by utilizing a direct quote or interesting fact and providing a direct link. The larger piece would likely have multiple nuggets to share, which can be spread out over a few weeks and repurposed a number of times.
Embrace Video
Repurposing your content into video format can give your material a boost.  However, remember to keep it short. Elaborate videos don’t always generate the most interest. A quick, yet engaging, video will be enough to get people thinking about your content and hopefully looking for more about the company, the product or the service.  You may want to hire a videographer, or keep it simple using a digital camera or a high-end smartphone.
A short how-to or take-away concerning your message is a prime example of video topics that can increase your visibility to the public. Beyond a quick tip, videos can also be used in a presentation format and they draw attention to the basics and further interest. A slideshow may be an alternative way to format this information, as well. Try sites like SlideShare to circulate it.
These are just a few tips on maximizing content. Keep in mind the volume of social media sites you have at your disposal, and don’t forget to share. Every social media channel is an opportunity for you to get your message out there.


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