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Mechanical Engineer 1.0 for iPhone released

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MultiEducator iPhone/iPod Touch app includes 200+ handy engineering formulas.

New York-based MultiEducator released Mechanical Engineer 1.0, a formula and calculation tool for iPhone and iPod Touch, which includes 100 formulas used regularly by mechanical engineers. Version 1.0 features formulas for bearings, belts, brakes, clutches, elevators, gears, kinetic energy, metalworking, shafts and springs. The iPhone app also includes an additional 100 general conversion formulas. All formulas can be saved and/or e-mailed.

Formulas Include:
Belt Design Horsepower, Drive Speed Ratio, Required Length of Bearing, Rate of Bearing Heat Generation, Wall Area, Bearing Heat Dissipation, Heat Rise in Bearing, Brakes, Torque Required to Stop Load, Revolutions Prior to Stopping, Heat Brake Must Dissipate, Elevator Rope Weight, Load From Weight, Rate of Acceleration of Car, Rope Load Caused By Acceleration, Bending Load, Spring Wire Length, Weight of Spring, Spring Outside Diameter, Number of Spring Wire, Number of Active Springs, Spring Deflection, Shear Stress Spring, Width of the Spring, Torsion Bar Springs, Proportional Limit in Shear, Diameter of Bar, Square Bar, Triangle Bar Size, Energy Storage Circular, Energy Storage Square, Liquid Spring Selection, Liquid Volume Required, Cylinder Length, Spring Rate For Shock Mounted Deflection, Acceleration of Load, Isolator Deflection, Spring Rate, Spring Rate Per Isolator.


Mechanical Engineer v 1.0 retails for $4.99 (USD) in the iTunes App Store. The developers say the app’s list of formulas will expand to more than 300 in future releases.

Mechanical Engineer 1.0:
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