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Modular switches include flush mount

EAO Switch Corp. has introduced its modular Series 04 switches. Units include square and round indicators, pushbuttons, rotary switches, emergency stops and mushroom-headed pushbuttons.


June 24, 2009   Staff

Series 04 pushbuttons and indicators can be flush-mounted to a panel,
providing protection against accidental operation, or raised for
viewing the status from the side. Additional lens protection can be
achieved with an extended or sealed ring. Lenses are available in a
selection of colors, have film inserts for legends or symbols, and may
be illuminated with either high-intensity LEDs or incandescent lamps.

or slow-make pushbuttons come with hard silver contacts. For
particularly challenging environments, silver/palladium contacts can be
specified. For switching to lower currents, a gold plated contact is
available. There is a choice of either screw or plug-in terminals. A
variety of switching elements enables currents from 2 mA/110 Vdc to a
maximum of 10 A/600 Vac.

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