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Modular system safely simplifies electrical wiring


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WAGO Corporation’s pluggable connector for modular wiring systems, the 890 Series WINSTA MINI, is said to bring convenient Push Wire terminations to modular electrical wiring. The 890 Series consists of 2- and 3-pole variants; a 5-pole variant will launch in 2009.

The 890 Series completes the WINSTA family, which includes the mid-size MIDI, high-current MAXI and several additional specialty connector systems. Engineered for compact applications, the 890 Series WINSTA MINI is offered as: cord-end plugs and sockets, snap-in variants for through-panel mounting and distribution blocks.

The series fits through 5/8 in. knockout (2-pole) or 7/8 in. knockout (3-pole) and features a voltage/current rating of 600 V/10 A. Cage Clamp S Spring Pressure Connection Technology terminates all conductor types, with the additional advantage of tool-free, Push Wire direct insertion of solid or ferruled-stranded conductors AWG 22-16.

Safety is provided with a preceding ground pin for make first/break last safety. A strain relief system features housings that snap together and includes an integral cord clamp. Locking latches prevent inadvertent disconnection of the mated pairs. Housing is available in black, white and gray, with on-unit pole identification.



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