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New generation of enclosure heaters


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Rittal has succeeded in developing a product can create the optimal operating environment within enclosures for control equipment and switchgear, while at the same time meeting energy efficiency demands.

Through the utilization of CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and energy-efficient PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology Rittal heaters now allow a better thermal output than previous solutions. New features, such as the double clamp-type terminal connection and the quick-assembly system, also ensure time-saving installation.

The formation of condensation in enclosures poses risks, in particular to sensitive control electronics located outdoors. Enclosure heaters that prevent the formation of condensation while also ensuring the system has a minimum operating temperature are required for effective protection. Now, with its latest generation of enclosure heaters, Rittal shows that technical improvements are still possible.

The heaters are available both without and with fans. The heaters without fans have a continuous thermal output of 10 to 150 watts. Using integrated fans, the thermal output can be variably increased by as much as 800 W if needed. The heaters have a ready-to-connect design and, thanks to the double quick-connection terminal, can be effectively wired and cascaded without any additional screw terminals being needed. A snap fastening feature ensures time and cost saving installation.


The use of enclosure heaters can be easily incorporated even when fans and cooling units are employed. Ideal operational results can be achieved through the use of Rittal thermostats and/or hygrostats.


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