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NGen announces $76M in funding toward 15 ZEV-related projects

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Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster funding to advance ZEV technologies including EV batteries, power electronics, fuel cells and lightweight materials.

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NGen, the organization that shepherds Canada’s Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, has announced the award of 15 Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV)-related projects totaling $76M in investments. According to NGen, the projects encompass strategic areas such as critical minerals and metals, traction battery and efficiency gains, power electronics, fuel cells and lightweight materials.

“Global automakers have begun their journey to replace vehicles powered by internal combustion engines with zero-emission electric vehicles, but their transformation is far from complete,” said NGen CEO Jayson Myers. “Significant problems need to be solved in order to make the industry sustainable over the next ten years. Canada has all that it takes to play a leading role in that transformation… The collaborative projects that NGen is supporting show how Canadian ingenuity can contribute solutions throughout the EV value chain and create new opportunities for businesses, investment, and job growth along the way.”

Among the projects funded, Ventra Group Co. will partner with eCAMION to establish a centre of excellence for advanced Li-Ion battery manufacturing within the Flex-Ion Battery Innovation Center. In addition, Ballard Power Systems, Macrodyne Technologies and Eclipse Automation will collaborate on new manufacturing methods for fuel cell plate fabrication. A detailed description of each ZEV project is available on NGen’s project fact page.

Including the 15 projects announced, NGen has approved 166 projects to date with 374 industry partners, investing $236 million of Supercluster funds and leveraging $371 million in new R&D investments by industry, the organization says.



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