Norseman MS wins CFPA’s 2019 Fluid Power Challenge

Canadian association’s contest encourages students to pursue careers in automation.

0 May 14, 2019
by DE Staff

According to the Canadian Fluid Power Association, a record 30 middle schools competed in the 2019 Toronto Fluid Power Challenge, this year. Students from each school were asked to design and build fluid power devices, actuated by water-filled syringes to pick up a wooden cylinder and place it on one of three drop zones. The teams were then evaluated on a set of criteria including the number of cycles completed in a two-minute period and the quality of their design portfolios.

This year’s challenge named two winners. Norseman Middle School took the overall award, based on a combination of how well their device performed and the quality of their portfolio. Students from Cosburn Middle School won for best portfolio.

The Challenge, which is a partnership of the Canadian Fluid Power Association and the Toronto District School Board, has been held annually since 2001. It is intended to provide Grade 8 students with hands-on experience building a mechanism with real world applicability. The contest also serves to expose students, and their teachers, to the world of technology careers and, in particular, careers in fluid power. At a minimum, the organizers hope the Challenge will encourage students to select more mathematics and science courses in their high school curricula to keep their options open for technology-based post-secondary studies.

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