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ITT’s VEAM NRG sequential mating system is presented in a 19 in. rack format and is said to guarantee the correct mating and unmating sequence for a set of the company’s Powerlock power distribution connectors. Patented cam covers on each of the panel connector ensure that the proper sequence of Ground, Neutral, Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 is adhered to.

Once connected, the system can be secured by a keylock, ensuring that the system cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons. As an additional security measure, the keylock can be hooked up via a microswitch to a circuit breaker. If the keylock is disabled, the circuit breaker will trip, isolating the NRG unit from the mains, thus preventing disconnection while under load. A primary keylock can also be employed to prevent unauthorized connection to the power cables.

Rated at either 400 or 600 A, the NRG unit is available either as a Panel Source or Panel Drain unit. Both configurations meet IP65 when mated. The system is compatible with all VEAM Powerlock connectors, and color-coded versions covering Europe, the U.S. and Australia are available.


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