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Objet unveils new 3D printing materials

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Transparent, ABS-like and rigid white expand options to 65 materials for Objet printers.

Rehovot, Israel – Objet Geometries Ltd. announced the availability of three new advanced materials: an ABS-like Digital Material, a clear transparent material (Objet VeroClear), and Objet VeroWhitePlus. The new additions bring the number of Objet 3D printing materials to 14 plus 51 composite materials (Digital Materials).

The Objet ABS-like Digital Material (RGD5160-DM) is a high-impact (65-80J/m or 1.22-1.50 ft lb/in), high-temperature-resistant material that can withstand up to 65°C (149°F) and 90°C (194°F) after thermal post treatment. The material is available for the Objet Connex500 multi-material 3D printers. Existing customers will need to instal an upgrade kit.

The Objet Clear material is a transparent material that allows designers to simulate PMMA in glass-like applications such as lighting cases, lenses and containers. VeroClear is available for the Objet Connex and the Objet EdenV 3D printing systems.

Recently released for Objet’s desktop 3D printers, VeroWhitePlus is now available for the Objet Eden and Connex line of multi-material 3D printers, although limited to specific regions. The Objet VeroWhitePlus is designed for fit and form testing and validating model design.



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