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Off-the-shelf steel shafting can be shipped the same day

Redi-Threads steel shafting is available off-the-shelf in inch sizes from 1/4 (0.250) in. diameter up to 2.00 inches in lengths to 8 feet (96 inches).

October 25, 2009   Staff

Specifiers can select from: 1060 steel shafting (RC60) a high carbon steel recognized for its high surface hardness (RC60) making it an excellent choice for linear ball bearing races, 300 series stainless steel shafting noted for its high corrosion resistance, non-seizing and non-galing properties which are ideal for plain plastic and ceramic coated linear bearings, and 440C stainless steel shafting (Rc55-58) can be used with plain and linear ball bearings.

These high precision Class L Redi-Threads steel shafts feature 8-12 RMS surface finish and are available with plain ends, drilled and tapped (class 2B) ends, and threaded (class 2A) ends, with or without flats in any combination required. Additionally custom machining (e.g. cross-drilling, keyways, etc.) can be specified.


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