Ontario Power Authority adjusts price for small-scale microFIT projects

After weeks of feedback from across the province, The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) announced the price adjustment from 80.2 to 64.2 cents/kWH for small-scale, ground-mounted feed-in-tariff (microFIT) projects.

0 August 23, 2010

This change affects over 10,000+ applicants who committed time and investment under the original guidelines (it only affects those who applied after July 2). The director of Ontario Solar Academy (OSA), Jacob Travis commented that “While the price reduction is definitely a blow to many, with over 19,000 microFIT applications already submitted, the continued solvency of the program demanded intervention.”

How much this new rate will affect solar growth still remain to be seen, but most of the province’s solar industry is built around the FIT program for projects larger than 10kw. According to OSA’s Marta Michalek, “Despite the price adjustment, interest in our 5-day solar design and installation courses has remained steady.”

According to the press releases, though the rate change is “not a perfect solution,” the change indicates that “the OPA and McGuinty government are receptive to industry feedback and committed to growing the industry.”

The Ontario Solar Academy offers monthly PV training courses, with the next class scheduled from August 30 to September 3.



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