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Ontario repeals ‘Industrial Exception’ from Professional Engineering Act

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PEO sets March 1, 2013 deadline for employers, engineers to file transition plan.

Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) announced that, effective March 1, 2013, those responsible for professional engineering work in relation to production machinery or equipment must be licensed by the provincial engineering regulatory organization.

This week, Ontario approved a change to the Professional Engineers Act that will remove the so-called industrial exception later this year. In addition, Ontario has also approved a regulatory provision to help employers make the transition to the new requirement. Namely, employers who file a transition plan with PEO by March 1 will have up to one year to meet the requirement.

“Repealing the industrial exception in the Professional Engineers Act will improve oversight to help workers and the public stay safe and promote more efficient and productive workplaces,” said Attorney General John Gerretsen.

To help in the transition to the new regulations, The PEO says it will waive its license application fee for new graduates, immigrants and employees who apply for a license by March 1. PEO says it will also assist employees through the one-year compliance period by providing application and Engineering Intern Program (EIT) seminars, and administering its professional practice exams on job sites. Instructional webinars and Questions and Answers about the new requirement are also available on the PEO website.



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