Balluff has introduced what it calls a new class of sensors - an optical sensor - that fills the gap between conventional discrete sensors and vision systems. Sharpshooter is said to be a true optical sensor that combines the flexibility of a vision system and the simplicity of a photoelectric sensor.

0 November 9, 2007

It is not a simplified vision system; it’s a sensor that uses vision technology to provide more powerful sensing capability, the company says. The small size (58 x 52 x 40 mm) is also said to allow it to be placed virtually anywhere a photoelectric sensor can be mounted to provide reliable part and product detection, part configuration, and dimensional and/or position confirmation.

A built-in and lockable focus adjustment lens ring simplifies aim and focus. It has an integral red LED ring light for simple and dependable image lighting. Four projectable LED marks define the target area for fast and easy initial alignment of the camera image area.

The sensor provides configurable discrete I/O that can be used to trigger the sensor and external lighting, signal pass/fail status to external controls, and change internal operational jobs. It also has an Ethernet TCP/IP port that is used for easy configuration via PC directly or over a network topology.

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