Polyurethane provides electrostatic dissipation

MPC (Mearthane Products Corp.) has improved its proprietary formulation for Durethane C polyrurethane. The new material offers an expanded range of electrostatic dissipation properties said to eliminate damaging electrostatic discharges in electronic machines.

0 August 29, 2005

The formulation can also be used for charge-management applications.
The material can be produced either as machinable solid thermoset
polyurethane or as foam.

Durethane C conductive polyurethanes provide a volume resistivity in
solid urethane from E5 to E10 ohm cm at a hardness of 5 Shore A to 70
Shore D, and open- or closed-cell foams from E7 to E10 ohm cm at a
hardness of 1A to 90A. Additives constitute 0.01% to 10% of the product
by weight. The material is available in sheets, rollers, bars, rods
and tubes.


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