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POSITAL-FRABA offers sensor buyers “a million possibilities”

POSITAL-FRABA has committed to provide buyers of position and motion sensors with an unparalleled range of choices in terms of device options and performance characteristics.

July 13, 2015   Staff

“Our objective is to provide machine builders, system integrators and OEMs with exactly the right devices for their projects,” explains Christian Fell, head of POSITAL-FRABA’s North American operations.

“We want them to be able to order just what they need, at the right price, and have our products delivered to their job site within a matter of days, with no need for compromises or work-arounds.”

POSITAL’s rotary encoders, inclinometers and linear position sensors are based on a highly modular design that makes it possible to deliver a wide range of different models – over 250,000 at the latest count.

Moreover, some of the latest encoders are programmable so that measurement characteristics and interface settings can be modified through an easy-to-use programming interface.


This provides end users, system integrators and distributors with an effectively unlimited number of ways of configuring their sensors – hence the “million possibilities.”

A highly flexible manufacturing system assembles products on an as-ordered basis. “Except for some high-volume items,” continues Fell, “almost everything we produce is built to satisfy a specific customer request, with order fulfilment typically within two weeks.”

Each product is fully tested and a complete record of each device’s history is maintained by the company.

The company’s products are used in motion control systems for industrial robots, packaging systems, medical equipment and mobile machinery for the construction, mining and energy industries.

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