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Power distribution unit with remote and sequencing capabilities

July 28, 2011   Staff

Orion Fans has developed a new line of smart-switched rack power distribution units (PDUs). Often used in computer data centers and other electrically intensive applications, Orion Fans’ Smart Switched PDU features outlets that can be sequentially started, controlled and monitored remotely.

The PDU monitors the devices plugged into it and sends an e-mail alert if an anomaly in power occurs. Capable of being installed in any 19-inch rack, the Smart-Switched PDU is the lowest cost unit of its kind on the market for a unit with these features.

The Smart Switched PDU is available in horizontal and vertical models that feature a digital true RMS current meter and remote power monitoring by meter, web, SNMP and each unit comes with free bundled software. Each individual outlet has its own control and, in the event of an alert, the user-defined alarm threshold will warn the end-user via email, trap or audible alarm. With http, https, SNMP, DHCP and UDP protocols, (in addition to the user-defined on/off sequence), this PDU series has every feature needed for remote applications at the lowest cost.

Models OSP-V-16-23-16-N1 and OSP-V-20-11-16-N1 are 16-outlet vertical PDUs that measure 56 x 1245 x 44mm and weigh 4kg. The resolution is rated at 0.1A with a range of 0A to ~20A, and precision is ±2% ±0.1AMP. The OSP-v-16-23-16-N1 features a nominal voltage of 230V while the OSP-V-20-11-16-N1’s nominal voltage is rated at 115V.


Models OSP-H-16-23-08-N1 and OSP-H-15-11-08-N1 are eight-outlet horizontal PDUs that measure 90 x 432 x 44mm and weigh 2kg. The resolution is rated at 0.1A with a range of 0A ~20A, and precision is ±2% ±0.1AMP. The OSP-H-16-23-08-N1 features a nominal voltage of 230V while the OSP- H-15-11-08-N1’s nominal voltage is rated at 115V.

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