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The Absopulse Electronics HVC 2K Series is an ac/dc power supply developed to deliver up to 3000 W at 85, 125, 136, 250, 300 or 400 Vdc. The standard unit accepts a 230 Vac (±15%) input, with 115 Vac or a range of dc inputs available on request. An optional redundancy diode allows for parallel connection to achieve higher output power, N+1 redundancy, or to float-charge a battery. Alarms are also available as an option.

September 20, 2007   Staff

The unit is in a 11.5 x 5.3 x 16.25 in. chassis. It is fan cooled and rated for operation over a 0° to 50°C temperature range at full power without de-rating. Optional extended temperature ranges, conformal coating and ruggedizing are available for operation in extreme environments.

Featuring high efficiency, full electronic protection and low output noise, this unit meets EN55022 Class A EMI as a minimum and is designed to meet EN60950 and related standards. The MTBF exceeds 100,000 h at 45°C.

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