Pressure boosting in-line Pumps from KSB

Etaline R pumps from KSB are said to combine the reliable, low-maintenance features of the company’s Eta line of single-stage centrifugal pumps with an inline design that makes these models suitable for pressure boosting duties in HVAC systems, cooling circuits, water supply and industrial heat recovery systems.

0 October 2, 2015

Etaline pumps are available in five sizes, for pump diameters from 150 to 350 mm.

A variety of casing material, impeller materials and seal types are available, which means that these pumps can be adapted to a range of on-corrosive water conditions or other pumped media, at temperatures as high as 140°C.

Maximum flow rate for the Etaline R series is 1,900 m3/h, with heads of up to 97 m. The inline layout means that these pumps will typically take up less space than the equivalent baseplate-mounted pumps, an important consideration in crowded mechanical rooms.

As with other members of the Eta line, Etaline R pumps have been carefully designed to deliver high levels of energy efficiency over long, trouble-free service lives. When maintenance work is required, seals, wear plates and motors can all be replaced quickly and efficiently without removing the main casing from its connecting pipes. 

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