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3D Profile Sensors

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Teledyne Imaging’s Z-Trak2 family delivers up to 45K profiles/sec.

Teledyne Imaging released Z-Trak2, its latest family of 3D profile sensors the provide high-resolution, real-time height measurements using laser triangulation. The 5GigE sensor series delivers scan speeds up to 45,000 profiles per second and features built-in HDR and reflection compensation algorithms. Z-Trak models handle object widths from 8.5mm to 1520mm and height range of 10mm to 1000mm. The S-2K and V-2K series feature scanning speeds of 45,000 profiles/sec and 10,000 profiles/sec respectively. Offering 2,000 points per profile, all Z-Trak2 models are factory calibrated and offered with either blue or red eye safe lasers to suit various surface properties and operating environments. All sensors are housed in IP67 enclosures and come bundled with Teledyne Imaging’s point-and-click Sherlock 8 software.


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