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ABB's NXR 7100 Above NEMA motors deliver an average of 15 percent more power over conventional fan cooled motor designs.

April 7, 2020   by DE Staff

ABB released its Above NEMA (ANEMA) NXR 7100 motor line, which offer more hp per pound than conventional TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) motors, the company says. The series is Class I Div 2 capable and features an internal cooling loop that circulates air inside the motor, moving heat from the rotor to the frame, where an external fan blows air over the frame to remove the heat. NXR 7100 motors extend the power range of the existing NXR 5000 and NXR 5800 up to 1750 hp while offering the same features. These motors are available with up to an IP56 rating, for protection against contaminates and dust ingress.

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