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Akribis RDM-A Series compact rod motors

André Voshart   

Motion Control

Akribis Systems has announced a new addition to its varied motion control product line: RDM-A Series rod motors for space-constrained applications requiring high motor forces and smooth linear motion.

RDM-A Series rod motors are compact and feature a tubular design to distribute magnetic flux evenly along the circumference of the stator. With this approach, they achieve continuous forces from 2.1N to 137.8N and peak forces from 6.2N to 413.4N. An air gap between the coil and magnet track enables non-contact axial linear movement and steady force production over the length of the stroke, and ironless construction ensures cog-free motion.

A multi-mover option allows single motor control over multiple movers on one track to simplify complex, multi-axis applications.



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