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Ceramic Bridge CMM


Quality CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine Nikon

Nikon Metrology extends its ceramic bridge CMM range with high accuracy ALTERA+ and larger size models.

Nikon Metrology ALTERA CMMsALTERA CMMs use advanced ceramic components for structural integrity. With near perfect stiffness-to-weight ratio, ceramic guideways facilitate accuracy: 1.4+L/375 (E150 according to ISO10360-2:2009). The ceramic bridge, with greater resistance to temperature shifts, makes the ALTERA suitable for metrology applications in a host of manufacturing and shop floor environments. The stress-free horizontal ceramic beam and advanced multi-point bearings counter any negative effect on accuracy when using long probes. ALTERA CMMs support an extensive range of tactile and non-contact probing and software options. Multi-sensor technology extends capability to measuring parts which are large or small, 2D or 3D, hard or soft and prismatic or free-form. The extended sizes range from the smallest measuring volume – 7.7.5 to the largest – 60.20.15, of the standard sizes available. Software options consist not only of CAMIO and CMM-Manager, but also MODUS – to operate the Renishaw REVO-2 probe head.


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