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Angular Positioning System

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HEIDENHAIN SRP 5000 offers encoder, bearing and torque motor in one package.

HEIDENHAIN unveiled its SRP 5000 angular positioning system that combines the company’s MRP 5000 angle encoder with bearing technology and an ETEL torque motor. Measuring 46.3mm in height and 124mm in diameter, the system can be ordered in incremental or absolute models. The incremental versions have encoders with 30,000 signal periods per revolution and system accuracies down to +/- 2.5 arc seconds. The absolute version has the same accuracy level and resolutions to 28 bits via the EnDat 2.2 interface. The slotless iron-core ETEL torque motor has a peak torque of 2.7 Nm, a rated torque of 0.387Nm and a detent torque of 0.2% of the rated value. The motor is rated for 300 RPM and permits an extraordinarily smooth motion.


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