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Festo’s EHMH heavy duty axis built for safe movement of big payloads.

Festo’s unveiled its EHMH, a cantilever axis with rack and pinion technology that handles payloads up to 200kg. The unit is complemented by Festo’s EGC-HD heavy duty toothed belt or ball screw model as the X axis, CPX-E control system, CMMT-AS AC servo drive, EMMT-AS servo motors, among other accessories. The EHMH is available in two sizes with stroke length from 250 to 2,500mm to provide high feed force and speeds up to 1.5m/s. The unit also can be configured for enhanced safety protection up to Performance Level d (PL-d). Optional safety add-ons include a pneumatic locking unit; a frictionally engaged clamping emergency brake; and an external displacement encoder. Among the protection options for the axis itself, users can add scrapers on both sides to guard against dust, dirt, particles or liquids.


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