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Ball Bushing Bearings

Thomson Super Smart bearings provide six times load capacity of conventional linear bearings.

August 21, 2013   by Design Engineering Staff

Thomson’s Super Smart Ball Bushing Linear bearings provide up to six times the load capacity or 216 times the travel life of conventional linear bearings, the company says. The bearings feature universal self-aligning bearing plates that are forgiving of misaligned housing bores and shaft deflection. In addition, they have coefficients of friction down to 0.001 inch and perform at speeds up to 3 m/s and acceleration up to 150 m/s2. Double lip integral wipers keep contaminants out and lubrication in.

According to the company, combining Super Smart Ball Bushing bearings with Thomson 60 Case LinearRace shafting improves shafting life by a factor of five when compared with the use of conventional shafts and Super Ball Bushing bearings.

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