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Ball Screw Wipers

Steinmeyer' improved Combination Wiper features both plastic and felt wipers.

August 4, 2010   adamin

Steinmeyer, Inc. announced its Combination Wiper for precision ball screws, consisting of a friction type finger wiper in front of a felt wiper. According to the company, the dual wipers—plastic plus felt—provide superior sealing. And because the felt is saturated with oil, the dual wipers provide improved sealing and constant lubrication. The wiper also features a redesign of the wiper housing that effectively keeps the felt wiper from shifting or rotating assuring the prevention of  contaminants from entering the ball nut while simultaneously lubricating the ball screw. Designed exclusively for Steinmeyer ball screws, the Combination Wipers are available in diameters from 12-125 mm.

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