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Ball Screw

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Power Transmission Machine Building

THK’s Type SDA-V/SDAN-V Caged Ball Screw engineered for development of high-speed, compact machine designs.

THK unveiled its Type SDA-V/SDAN-V caged ball screw that picks up balls in the tangential direction, achieves rotational speeds up to 5,000 RPM (DN value of 160,000 max.) and has nut dimensions that conform to DIN standards (DIN69051-5). The product line includes fifty-nine products with a combination of shaft diameters from ø12 to ø50 and leads from 4mm to 50mm. Clearance can be selected, including an axial clearance of 0 or less. The Type SDAN-V Caged Ball Screw is designed with higher axial rigidity than the Type SDA-V. Shaft diameters range from ø31 to ø50 and leads from 10mm to 20mm. A double nut is used to achieve axial clearance of 0 or less. Full-ball versions are available for both the Type SDA-V and the Type SDAN-V. The Type SDA-V/SDAN-V complies with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) as well as ISO and DIN standards.


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