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Belt-Driven Actuators

By DE Staff   

Motion Control Machine Building

Rollon’s Enhanced Plus Series of linear actuators feature anodized aluminum structure and steel reinforced driving belt.

Rollon has introduced its Plus System family of linear actuators that feature an anodized aluminum structure and steel reinforced driving belt. All series are available with stainless steel elements for applications in harsh environments. The line includes three actuator types: Plus System ELM, an enclosed belt drive linear actuator; Plus System ROBOT for multi-axis or SCARA robots as well as heavy load applications where significant carriage pitch, yaw or roll moments are applied; and Plus System SC for vertical motion in gantry applications. The line exhibits repeatability accuracy of ±0.05mm with speeds up to 5 meters/second and acceleration up to 50 meters/second2. It also features a built-in reservoir to self-lubricates the ball raceway and a drive head that allows gearbox assembly on either side of the unit.


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