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Black oxide bearings

SKF coating adds protection layer to bearings designed for wind turbines.

June 16, 2014   by Design Engineering Staff

14-June-skf-black-bearing-360SKF unveiled a line of black oxide bearings with a surface layer of protection to promote higher reliability and performance for wind turbines. The black oxidation surface treatment — applied to a bearing’s rings and/or rollers – involves up to 15 different immersion steps to create a thin, black surface layer to upgrade performance for a range of bearing types and sizes (up to 2.2m in diameter and up to 1,000 kg per individual bearing component). Suitable bearing types for the coating include tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, and CARB toroidal roller bearings, among others playing vital roles in wind turbine systems.

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  1. Tony Selva Jr says:

    do you have 6009 bearings w/black oxide

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