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Brushless DC motor

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Motion Control DC motor Maxon

Maxon EC 16 design increases torque by 80 percent.

Maxon announced that its EC16 brushless DC servo gearmotor has had a number of improvements including its 60-degree winding pattern, the NdFeB high performance magnet and the higher power output. Plus, the motor comes in a sterilizable version. The EC 16 is available with up to five winding types as well as with hall sensors or sensorless. Four high power motors are available: 30 watt or 60 watt and sterilizable or non-sterilizable. The design features a torque/speed gradient reduced by approximately by 60 percent and maximum continuous torque increased approximately by 80 percent. Other key improvements include higher stability, quiet running, larger bearings, higher forces, improved performance and higher torque.


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