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Bulkhead Mounted Housing

HARTING Han B Snap Cap features self-closing cover to lock out water and dust.

May 3, 2016   by Design Engineering staff

CD_HARTING_verlauf_master_10_12_4C_ISO_Coated_v2HARTING launched its Han B bulkhead mounted housing, equipped with a hinged cover that protects against water spray and dust via a spring. The housing is locked with Han-Easy Lock levers. Unplugged, the housing meets the requirements of IP44; in the plugged condition, such as in combination with a suitable Han B hood, it complies with the IP65 protection class. The Han Snap Cap Mechanism allows HARTING to expand the options within the Han B range for protecting electrically powered applications against external influences. The application possibilities include wind energy systems, cranes and switchgear to trains and trams. Users can choose from standard sizes ranging from 6B to 24B.

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