CANopen Controller

CODESYS support for Ixxat PC/CAN interfaces.

0 May 13, 2019
by DE Staff

HMS Networks announced that CODESYS Control Win SL from 3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH now supports the Ixxat PC/CAN interfaces. The Ixxat PC/CAN interface portfolio is available for all common PC interface standards, such as USB, Ethernet, Bluetooth, PCIe, PCIe Mini and PCIe 104. In addition to the CODESYS installation, only a VCI-V4 driver installation is required, available from the Ixxat website. In addition, the Ixxat PC/CAN interfaces can be used with the CODESYS CANopen Master and CODESYS CANopen Slave application, or with any other CAN RAW application on the CODESYS Control Win SL controller.

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