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igus e-skin flat meets Cleanroom Class 1 requirements.

November 10, 2021   by DE staff

igus unveiled the e-skin flat, a particle-free energy chain designed for cleanrooms. In the Fraunhofer cleanroom test, the e-chain demonstrated cleanroom performance in accordance with ISO Class 1 as a single-layer and three-layered e-chain system. In the test, the e-skin flat was the only energy chain to receive ISO Class 1 according to ISO 14644-1 with a bend radius of 70 millimeters. The e-chain uses a high-performance plastic that is resistant to wear and abrasion and can consist up to six chambers per layer. Three-layered structure supports chains in the lowest layer. igus has also developed the CFCLEAN series for use in the e-skin flat. The cable cores can transmit energy and signals for motor control, bus and Ethernet.

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