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Communication module to integrate sensors

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Power Transmission Motion Control condition monitoring igus sensors

igus announces its iComm Box communication module, which enables users to integrate igus i.Sense sensors into its superwise condition monitoring service. Using advanced algorithms, this all-in-one system collects machine data in real-time, displaying the information on an intuitive dashboard and allowing users to make informed, proactive decisions about component maintenance and service life.

The iComm Box extends the functionality of igus i.Sense series sensors, which monitor moving machine components like energy chains, cables, linear guides and various bearings. The sensors can also trigger messages or automatic system stops in the event of an anomaly, preventing costly damage and downtime.

For example, the i.Sense EC.P sensor measures tensile and shear forces in energy chains. The data is transmitted via a cable to an evaluation module in the control cabinet. The evaluation module connects to the iComm Box via an additional cable. From there, the iComm Box sends the data to the superwise dashboard via a secure, encrypted mobile network, which remains separate from the user’s TCP-IP network.


The personalized superwise dashboard simplifies the monitoring process, allowing users to view the remaining service life of their networked components and streamline maintenance plans. igus can also monitor these systems through the superwise service.

This all-in-one conditioning monitoring system is ideal for process industry, sewage treatment, concrete, container crane and automotive manufacturing applications, allowing companies in these sectors to optimize maintenance management and avoid downtime.


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