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Composite 3D Printers

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Additive Manufacturing

Stratasys F190 CR and F370 CR 3D printers build stronger, stiffer more accurate parts.

Stratasys Ltd. has expanded its F123 Series of 3D printers with the introduction of the F190 CR and F370 CR 3D printers. The composite-ready F123 Series printers include reusable build trays, a built-in camera for remote monitoring and a 7-inch control touchscreen. The F370CR printer also offers auto-changeover of materials, which means there is no need to interrupt a build to replace materials – a new canister is simply put in place and the build continues. Both 3D printers include integrated GrabCAD Print software and enterprise application connectivity through the MTConnect standard and its GrabCAD Software Development Kit. Stratasys has also introduced FDM Nylon-CF10, a composite material for the F123 Series printers that is more than 60% stronger and nearly three times as stiff as its base nylon material, the company says.


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