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STRIDE Pocket Portal IoT Bridge Cloud Data Logger connects industrial equipment to the cloud.

July 15, 2019   by DE Staff

Automation Direct announced the STRIDE Pocket Portal, a low-cost industrial wireless IoT end-to-end cloud data logger that connects industrial equipment and sensors to the cloud. The unit has an RS-485/power port, input/output port, browser interface, and provides limited control with Modbus RTU write capability (up to 115.2k baud) and 3VDC discrete output logic. Unmonitored devices can be IoT connected and become monitored with Modbus RTU, 4 digital and 2 analog inputs. A Modbus device and up to four discrete outputs can be remotely controlled using the Pocket Portal mobile app. The Pocket Portal IoT solution requires a Wi-Fi internet connection and a monthly data subscription.

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