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AutomationDirect's Datalogic print mark contrast sensors use RGB light emission with automatic selection.

September 27, 2016   Staff

AutomationDirect Datalogic SensoAutomationDirect offers Datalogic print mark contrast sensors with 6-12mm sensing distances are designed to detect the difference in the wavelength of the reflected light between a target mark and background. The contrast sensors use RGB light emission with automatic selection, and feature teach-in sensitivity adjustment, and selectable light on/dark on outputs. The S8 Series compact contrast sensors feature horizontal spot orientation, a 25 kHz switching frequency, NPN or PNP logic output, 12-30 VDC operating voltage, and are available with IP67-rated plastic or IP69K-rated 316L stainless steel housings. The S8-series sensors are fitted with a 4-pin M8 quick-disconnect or have an attached 150mm cable with M12 quick-disconnect. New TL Series contrast sensors feature vertical or horizontal spot orientation, 10-30 VDC operating voltages, aluminum housings, and NPN/PNP or PNP logic outputs. TL-series sensors are fitted with a 5-pin M12 quick-disconnect with adjustable exit angle; models are available with 0-5VDC analog outputs and 15, 20, or 50 kHz switching frequencies.

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