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Mike McLeod   

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Silicon Designs Model 2220 Series single axis MEMS gains enhanced features.

Silicon Designs, Inc. announced a series of enhanced design features for its industry best-selling Model 2220 Series. The series includes the company’s Model 1522 surface mount accelerometer as primary sense element, along with an enhanced 1-inch square anodized aluminum case and extended integral cable length to 10 feet. Offered in ranges of ±2 to ±400g, the single axis, low-noise 2220 series features a four-wire connection, with low-impedance outputs that can drive 300 meters of cable. They measure 1-inch square and weighs 10 grams. The accelerometers are +8 to +32 VDC powered and offer both a buffered ±4V differential output and a 0.5V to 4.5V single ended output. Each aluminum case is potted and then epoxy sealed, allowing for ease of accelerometer mounting via two screws, adhesive, or magnets.


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