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DC Gearmotor

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Motion Control motor

Midwest Motion unit provides 443 Lb. In. torque at 2.0 RPM

Midwest Motion Products, Inc. released its Model No. MMP-TM57-24V GP52-2076 DC gear motor. Accepting any 24 Volt DC source, including solar or battery power, this gear motor measures just 2.24-inches in diameter, by 8.35-inches long, and has a keyed output shaft of 12mm diameter by 25mm long. Output of this reversibl gearmotor is rated for 443 Lb. In. (50Nm) torque at 2.0 RPM. Weighing approximately 4.5 pounds, the motor requires 3.6 Amps at 24 Volts DC to generate its full load torque. That translates into long life battery charge, very low noise operation, and lower costs for related drive electronics. Motor windings for 12V, 28V, 36V, 42V, 48V, 60V & 90 Volts are available. This motor is rated at an IP 54 protection level for operation in harsh environments. Variable speed can be accomplished with the company’s compatible speed controls.


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